ADAS Calibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS Camera Sensor Calibration St Albans, Hatfield & Welwyn

Over the past few years, car manufacturers have introduced a range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS, in order to improve the driving experience.

These complex systems use a combination of cameras and sensors that are often built into car windscreens and they are calibrated to specific tolerances to ensure that the systems they are linked to will work correctly e.g Lane Departure Warning, Emergency Braking Detection.

If a vehicle is involved in a collision and/or requires a new windscreen, it is imperative that a recalibration of ADAS is carried out before the car is returned to the road. 

Our workshops in St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City are equipped with the latest manufacturer specific hardware and software equipment to calibrate and reset your vehicles ADAS to manufacturer standards.

Dynamic or Static ADAS

Dynamic or Static ADAS

As different cars have differing systems, this will involve either a Dynamic or Static calibration process. Our team of qualified experts will advise you what calibration is required, once the necessary rectification work has been completed.

  • Dynamic calibration – involves dealership technicians driving the vehicle to complete the process.
  • Static calibration –  carried out at Brian Robson Coachworks, uses levelled flooring and specialist equipment to make sure that we can complete a successful calibration.

* Please note that it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the car’s ADAS system has been properly calibrated. If your vehicle has had a replacement windscreen and/or repairs to the suspension elsewhere and calibration was not explained to you, please speak to us!

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