Four Wheel Alignment

Four Wheel Laser Alignment St Albans, Hatfield & Welwyn

Have you ever noticed your car’s tyres wearing more on one side than the other? Perhaps your car feels as if it pulls to one side? Or maybe the steering wheel isn’t straight? 

If you are experiencing an unfamiliar driving experience on the road, a pot hole or curb may have knocked your wheels out of line. Incorrect wheel alignment not only affects your car's balance and road holding, it causes higher running costs as your tyres will need replacing sooner and fuel bills will be increased.

At Brian Robson Coachworks, our experts will check your alignment with a top of the line 4-Wheel Alignment system and adjust if necessary, so you can be confident that these negative effects are minimised and your car remains in the best possible condition.

We use state of the art optical camera equipment at our repair centres in St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City to measure and correct alignment faults such as tracking, camber and castor to both front and rear wheels


State of the Art Equipment

Unlike front-wheel tracking, 4-Wheel Alignment accurately measures up to 14 primary wheel angles and compares them with the original specifications detailed by your car manufacturer. 

This process, if carried out annually, can prolong the life of tyres by up to 12,000 miles, as well as improving overall fuel efficiency by reducing the rolling resistance of the tyres.

Customers receive a detailed print-out, showing the vehicle’s 4-wheel alignment both ‘BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’. We will ensure that your vehicle is set up perfectly. 

State of the Art Equipment
What is Camber?

What is Camber?

Having the proper camber settings on your vehicle will improve road isolation and directional stability. Incorrect camber angles can cause both tyre wear and handling problems.

Camber is defined as the inward or outward tilt of the top of the wheel as viewed from the front. A wheel with zero camber is vertical. A wheel that tilts outward has positive camber. A wheel that tilts inward has negative camber.

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