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21 Sep

How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Heading into the winter months, it is absolutely vital that you start to ensure your car is in peak condition for the season ahead. We might not get Arctic conditions; however, we all know just how temperamental the British weather can be with the potential of cold and icy days ahead of us this Winter. In this blog, we have listed three top tips for you to get prepared!



Get your vehicle serviced:

Getting your vehicle serviced as we move into winter will ensure your car is in excellent condition and ready for the colder months. We recommend booking your vehicle for service towards the end of autumn to give you peace of mind.


Check your lights:

Throughout the winter months, there is a chance of driving in mist, fog, heavy rain, sleet or potentially snowfall both day and night. Therefore, ensuring you can see and be seen clearly on the road is very important!

You can do this by checking all of your exterior lights to make sure that they are both working and kept clear. If you are in a situation where your bulbs are not working, it can usually be a pretty straightforward replacement, or you can head into your local garage to get this sorted.


In fact, we offer a £25 vehicle health check where our technicians will check your tyres, lights, wiper blades, top up your screen wash, thoroughly inspect your car and wash your vehicle inside and out! You can find out more here:



Check your tyres:

If you are setting out on a long journey, it is definitely worth checking your tyre pressure at least one week before. Make sure to check your spare tyre too! Also, it is very important to check the tread depth with 1.6mm being the legal minimum with good grip on wet roads. We would recommend replacing your tyres after reaching a tread depth of 2.0mm to stay as safe as you can.

We offer an extensive range of tyres including performance low profile, 4x4, run-flats and budget tyres. If you want to play it extra safe, you can also purchase a set of winter tyres or snow socks for your existing tyres to gain extra grip for potentially snowy conditions.


Check under the bonnet:

Screen wash is something that is essential and running out whilst driving can be fatal. We recommend that you buy it already mixed and ready to go. Keep some spare in your vehicle as should you run out your wipers will still operate and smear the dirt over the windscreen making visibility poor. If unsure of how to check your level then pop into your friendly local garage for some assistance.

Whilst checking under the bonnet, it is also worth making sure that the battery terminal is in good condition and not corroded. Flat batteries are the leading cause of winter breakdowns, so it is an extremely good idea to replace them within a good time. You can maintain your battery for longer whilst waiting to start the ignition before switching on your headlights, blowers or heated rear window. 


Following these steps will help to make sure you and your vehicle are fully prepared for driving in the Winter.


If you require a pre-winter check, new tyres, or any of our other services, visit us at our closest location (St Albans & Welwyn Garden City), or call us today on 01727 840400 for more information.


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