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09 Jul

The Main Ways Your Car Can Get Scratched

The Main Ways Your Car Can Get Scratched:

Whether it’s a small scratch or serious damage to the paintwork, any scratch on your expensive car can break your heart if you have bought it recently. While every car owner tries their level best to maintain its visual appeal, some of the scratches are inevitable. The best way you can deal with these nasty surprises is by visiting a company offering car body repairs (like us!). Our experts will help you get rid of the scratches while letting you know the common ways a car can get scratched. Even if you can’t figure out how your vehicle ended up with a scratch, you can at least try to prevent it from recurring.


4 Ways Your Car Can Get Scratched:

1. Driving on Gravel Roads -

Though most of the main roads are paved, there are still a few backroads filled with dirt and gravel. If you live in any rural area, driving on gravel and dirt roads might be a common thing for you. Even if driving on such a path seems entertaining to you, there is a high chance that the pebbles will damage your car paint. Tires often pick up debris and pebbles from unpaved roads. The best you can do is to drive slowly so that the tires don’t toss pebbles.


2. Cark Park Pitfalls

Have you ever seen someone open their car door, accidentally bumping into the car parked next to them? Maybe you’ve even done this before!

Most car parks in UK shopping centres are quite compact meaning cars don’t have sufficient space on either side. While some drivers open their doors to prevent their cars from hitting other vehicles, not all drivers do this. Door slamming often leads to big dents, so if you find yourself in this unfortunate position get in touch and our team will be more than happy to bring back your vehicles lost appeal.


3. Children Playing on/with Your Car

Though car owners think that there’s no harm in letting their kids sit on the hood of the vehicle, it might lead to damages on the surface. There are even a few instances where jewellery i.e., bracelets and necklaces end up scratching the paintwork. Though you can follow online tutorials for small dings and minor scratches (like our previous blog: “Involved in an accident? Here’s 3 repair and maintenance tips, from small to large damage!”), you have to take it to experts to repair major damages.


4. Bike Handle Hitting the Sides

Every time you park your car on the street, the possibility of damaging its paint increases. A very common cause is the bike’s handle hitting the car’s side. Bicyclists using the road often come in close contact with the parked car. Even before realising it, they end up scraping the sides. The possibilities increase when kids ride bikes. Not to mention, even parking your car on your front drive produces the risk of your kids bumping/scratching the bodywork with their bikes as they leave and return home…


We hope this has helped you to become more aware of some of the common causes why a car can get scratched. If your car has recently been damaged by one of these points, or anything else for that matter then get in touch with our closest centre and our team will be more than happy to help!

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